5 Things We Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is almost here, and while most Americans are focused on travelling, coming up with yummy menu items for the big day, and planning out a guest list, I sometimes wonder how many people are truly focused on what the holiday is supposed to be about, which is thankfulness.

For me, there are a bunch of things that I feel personally thankful for, and one of them is that I get to work for such an awesome company that is focused on making natural products that improve people’s lives.

In talking to my colleagues, here is a short list of things that we are collectively thankful for:

  • We are a small company – Most of us have worked for much bigger companies in the past, and I think every one of us would agree that size does matter, and in this case, smaller is better.  Nobody is a stranger, there is no hierarchy to speak of, and decisions get made quickly.
  • We are family owned – Our company is owned by a great family that has owned the business since the start in 1981, and plans to own it until at least 2081.  We don’t have nameless shareholders we are beholden to, and we aren’t dressing up the business to sell, which means we are never tempted to do the wrong thing for short term results.
  • We are in a great location – Eugene, Oregon is a fantastic town with a cool vibe and great access to endless outdoor opportunities.  Many of us have never lived anywhere else, and would never want to.
  • We work with friends – It is telling when you like the people you work with so much, you choose to hang out with them outside of work.
  • We have great customers – We have great customers who love our products, and frequently tell us so.  It makes us proud to know that we are making a genuine difference in the lives of so many great people.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Quantum Health!

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