Health & wellness top list of supplement use reasons

General health & wellness (and not disease concerns) top list of supplement use reasons ‘Improving’ and ‘maintaining’ overall health are the top reasons for consumers to use supplements, according to new data from the National Institutes of Health. A paper published in JAMA Internal Medicine also reported that dietary supplement users were also more likely to have lower BMIs, consume less alcohol, exercise more, and be non-smokers, than non-users. “Very little is known about the efficacy of dietary supplements for disease prevention, management, or treatment in nutrient-replete populations,” wrote the researchers, led by Regan Bailey, PhD, RD, from the office of dietary supplements at the NIH. Dr Bailey and her co-workers analyzed data from 11,956 American adults. The results indicated that, after “improving” (45%) and “maintaining” (33%) overall health, the next most popular motivations for taking supplements were “supplement”, “prevent”, “bone health”, “immunity”, and “heart health”.

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