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A healthy macula is a critical part of the eye for vision throughout life. It is constantly under stress, and as we age, many people develop significant problems that impact their vision.

Macula 30+ was formulated by one of the world’s leading experts in eye health nutrition to help maintain normal macular density and promote macular health as you age.*

In addition to fortifying the macula, this formula also supports healthy visual performance, which includes the ability to see in low light and the ability to recover from glare.*

Formulated with 30 mg of Lutein, 6 mg of Zeaxanthin, Omega 3, and other critical nutrients to help support long term macula health as you age, based on the most updated findings.*

Formulated With

Every purchase helps prevent childhood blindness.

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Each nutrient was selected in the right ratios to work hard together to create a formula that provides optimal macular protection.*

Macula 30+ ingredients

Quantum Health now offers a full line of eye health products:

Digital Blue

The average person spends over half of their waking hours looking at digital devices which produce high energy blue light. Over time, exposure to blue light can cause significant issues for your eyes.

Digital Blue was formulated by the world’s foremost expert in eye health nutrition, Dr. James Stringham. This formula fortifies your eyes with the nutrients they need to help filter blue light and to optimize normal visual performance, including healthy visual processing speed, contrast sensitivity, and glare tolerance.*

Digital Blue is formulated with 20mg Lutein, 4mg Zeaxanthin, 100mg Curcumin, Omega-3 and other critical nutrients.

Formulated With

Lutemax 20 20

See Lutein +

See Lutein + provides a clinical dose of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, along with Vitamins C and E to give your eyes the nutrition they need.  This formula was created by one of the leading experts in eye health nutrition, and is based on the lastest research.

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