Buzz Away Extreme

DEET-free Insect Repellents & Bite Relief

Finally, a DEET-free bug spray that’s effective! Our family-friendly Buzz Away Extreme® formula has been independently field tested and proven as an effective DEET-free insect repellent. 

Buzz Away Extreme 4 oz Spray

The innovative, non-greasy mosquito repellent includes:

  • Soy Bean Oil: - A powerful botanical repellent. 
  • Geranium Oil – A natural insect repellent essential oil, so effective it’s been researched for commercial use
  • Cedarwood Oil – Less well-known, but useful in repelling ticks
  • Citronella Oil – Well-known and heavily researched natural mosquito repellent
  • A dozen other natural carrier oils, aromatic essential oils, plant-based preservatives, and purified water

DEET free insect repellent in convenient wipes.

Using our DEET-free mosquito and tick repellent is now as easy as One-Two-Swipe! The pop-up dispenser is great for weekend trips, camp, and travel. The wipes are easier to use when applying to the face too, especially on squiggly kids!

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