Everything You Need to Know About TheraZinc

Everything You Need to Know About TheraZinc

When the season changes, your immune system will also need to change and adapt to better support you in times of need. TheraZinc Lozenges provide a potent mix of Zinc gluconate and Elderberry extract that will help give your immune system the support it needs when you need it most. TheraZinc lozenges are generated from the highest quality ingredients, including organic elderberry, honey, and zinc gluconate. These lozenges are an essential item to have on hand year-round to give your immune system the support it deserves.

Zinc gluconate is crucial for the proper growth and development of our bodies. It is stable and water-soluble, which allows our bodies to easily absorb minerals. But, because it is water soluble, it is essential to note that zinc is not stored in the body for long, so it needs to be replenished. The lack of zinc can potentially weaken our immune system, which is why we need a supplement to take on a daily basis. TheraZinc lozenges should be used especially during the winter, when going back to school, and when traveling because these are times when our bodies are at a higher risk for immune challenges.

When your immune system needs extra support, look no further than zinc gluconate lozenges and sprays for a simple solution.

TheraZinc products include:

TheraZinc Organic Elderberry Raspberry Bagged Lozenges

TheraZinc organic elderberry raspberry is made with zinc gluconate, organic elderberry, cane syrup, raspberry, and other ingredients like organic honey. This simple and effective formula provides 7 mg of zinc in a specified, bioavailable form. Our lozenge delivery infuses the zinc ions inside your throat and mouth for productive immune support.

TheraZinc Organic Blood Orange Bagged Lozenges

The TheraZinc organic blood orange lozenges are made from zinc gluconate, marshmallow root, slippery elm, echinacea purpurea root, cane syrup, and brown rice syrup. They are formulated to support the immune system, and are created from a proprietary blend of other immune-supporting botanicals.

TheraZinc Throat Spray

The TheraZinc throat spray releases ionized zinc directly into your mouth and throat when you urgently need it. Our effective and soothing zinc oral spray provides a complete dose of functional zinc in a specified bioavailable form.

Cough Relief – USDA Organic Meyer Lemon & Honey

Quantum Health’s organic Cough Relief Lozenges are a staple during winter, back-to-school sessions, and any other seasonal challenges. If you want to experience throat soothing and cough quieting comfort, try our USDA Organic cough drops from the highest quality ingredients.

TheraZinc Echinacea Lozenges Roll in Cherry Mint Flavor

The TheraZinc cherry mint echinacea lozenge roll is a refreshing and soothing travel roll to meet challenges facing our immune system. You also benefit from the various immune herbals, including the echinacea and elderberry, which help to support the overall immune system, and the slippery elm, marshmallow, and mullein leaf, which help to promote or improve throat comfort.

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