Why Athletes Should Consider Lysine Supplementation

The Benefits of a Lysine Supplement For Athletes

If you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast or working out is part of your daily activity, investing in a quality lysine supplement is a must to maintain optimal strength and performance. L lysine is one of 20 essential amino acids that your body doesn’t produce on its own. However, the body relies on lysine to absorb calcium, build collagen, produce hormones, support the immune system and more. It also produces carnitine, which aids in the reduction of cholesterol.

When you’re working out, your body uses these reserves to function at its best. While many can face a lysine deficiency, it's easy for athletes to have this problem, since more lysine is used to restore muscle strength and energy. Depleted reserves can result in lysine deficiency, protein degradation (catabolism) and slow injury recovery. Without L lysine, maintaining peak performance is impossible.

Though the body does not naturally produce lysine, this amino acid is easy to obtain through diet choices and supplements like lysine pills. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are concerned about health can find supplements and pills that are formulated with natural ingredients to maintain lysine levels and stay on top of the body’s needs.

Why a lysine supplement is important for athletes

Your body needs lysine to build protein. Its primary role is growth, and it helps strengthen joints and reduces pain.

For athletes, amino acids are known to enhance overall performance by increasing hormone secretions, modifying fuel during activity, and preventing mental fatigue and unwanted effects of overtraining.

Because lysine is mostly derived from skeletal muscle, it builds and maintains that muscle tissue. It also combines with several vitamins, minerals and amino acids, such as Vitamin C and arginine. With Vitamin C, it works to create another amino acid, carnitine, which helps the body effectively burn fat and deliver oxygen to active muscles. With a healthy amount of arginine, lysine increases the plasma levels of human growth hormones. This results in athletes building muscle and improving performance.

Importantly, L lysine reduces the rate of catabolism. Naturally, after working out, the body goes into a catabolic state, but lysine reverses that process - with ample lysine reserves, the body goes into an anabolic state, where there is tissue growth, recovery and rebuilding of muscle.

Where to obtain lysine

Your body’s lysine needs are dependent on your weight, height and activity level. Generally, the average adult needs around .85g of lysine per day; athletes may need around 1 to 3 grams of lysine per day.

Low levels of lysine can lead to fatigue, dizziness, nausea, slow growth and more — ultimately, you won’t feel your best.

You can easily obtain lysine through your diet. Common foods that contain lysine are red meat, chicken, eggs, cod, sardines, beans, lentils, nuts, parmesan cheese, nuts and soybeans.

Beyond diet, athletes are recommended to incorporate a lysine supplement to account for more lysine use due to their activity levels. But as with all supplements, always check with your doctor to learn the dosage and type of supplement that’s ideal for you. This is especially important if you’re taking other medications and supplements, since lysine can adversely interact with them, such as with a high amount of arginine.

Recommended lysine supplements

Many lysine supplements are available, but finding ones formulated with natural ingredients can be a challenge. However, lysine pills such as Super Lysine + tablets provide L lysine through safe and effective nutrient formulas. Combined with other ingredients like Vitamin C, echinacea and licorice root, lysine supplements can help keep your body at top performance and allow it to recuperate quickly while supporting your immune system. These pills can be consumed daily or when you need to boost your immune system to feel your best.

Another lysine product to consider is Super Lysine + liquid extract, which includes the added benefit of shiitake mushroom, a strong immune support backed by centuries of use. This supplement is ideal for quick absorption rather than daily supplement intake.

How to find quality lysine supplements

Lysine supplements — and supplements in general — should be part of a healthy diet. Look to incorporate lysine from foods it’s found in naturally. If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, a supplemental lysine product may be beneficial to maintain your body’s higher lysine demands.

When choosing supplements, seek a company with scientific backing for products that are formulated with natural ingredients and trusted by retailers. With almost 40 years of research and market experience, Quantum Health formulates dietary supplements, such as lysine pills and drops, that contain scientifically studied ingredients inspired by nature. Our goal is to help athletes and everyday people live healthy lives.

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For a reliable lysine product to support your active lifestyle, consider our line made with ingredients that work.

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