Why You Should Choose a Plant-Based Insect or Mosquito Repellent

When summer season arrives, you need a bug spray that will ward off pesky insects such as mosquitos and ticks. It's nearly impossible to enjoy outdoor gatherings without investing in a quality insect repellent. And if you work outside, bug spray is an absolute necessity to avoid the irritating insects.

The sole purpose of bug spray, whether it's a plant-based repellent or a conventional one, is to avoid bug bites and the discomfort they bring. However, DEET free bug spray doesn't contain harsh chemicals. This makes it a better option, especially for those with skin sensitivity.

DEET versus plant-based insect repellent

There are two major types of insect repellent: manmade synthetics that contain DEET or other synthetic chemicals, and plant-based insect repellents (such as DEET free bug spray).

DEET-based repellents have been around for a while. DEET is a chemical created in the late 1940s that received government approval for public use in the late 1950s. While it's effective for repelling insects, it doesn't kill them. Additionally, although it's not fatal to humans when used according to product labels, DEET can cause mild skin and eye irritations as well as headaches, dizziness and seizures in some cases.

However, with overuse, it can be toxic, particularly for children and those with sensitivities. Because of its chemical composition, it can damage synthetic fabrics by breaking down the fabric's construction, making it unsuitable to wear.

This and more are why health-conscious consumers are opting for plant-based insect repellent, such as our Buzz Away Extreme DEET free bug spray. Below, we'll go over why DEET free insect repellent is becoming a top choice for many who want to enjoy the summer months and outdoors while feeling their best and maintaining a bug-free life.

Why health-conscious consumers like plant-based insect repellent

Apart from DEET, there are other measures you can take to keep biting bugs away. Some are installing screens on windows, patios, and doors; wearing long-sleeve clothing; and staying indoors during peak bug times (i.e., twilight and early morning). Preventing or avoiding standing water is especially important.

However, if you need a solution for when you're on the go, you'll want something that can stick with you and is comfortable. This is where a plant-based insect repellent comes in.

As researchers understand the power of plants, they're discovering their effectiveness in addressing common health concerns and issues. Products like DEET free repellent are a safe alternative because plants are natural and adaptable. Plants have long been used for body and environmental issues. People trust that plant-based insect repellents are safe and toxin-free.

Also, plants are proven to work when it comes to warding off pesky insects like mosquitos and ticks. Many plants have chemicals that these insects aren't fond of, but that are safe for humans. Some popular plant-based sources used in natural insect repellents are citronella oil, lemongrass, peppermint, lemon eucalyptus oil, PMD (a synthetic version of lemon eucalyptus oil) and rosemary oil.

One small word of caution

Though plant-based insect repellents are the answer health-conscious consumers have been waiting for, there is one thing to note: allergen issues. Naturally, some people react differently to specific plants, especially natural oils. Even if the active ingredient is not an allergen for you, because many plant-based insect repellents are combined with oils to increase their volatility, you could be allergic to an inactive plant ingredient that's in it.

Our top DEET-free repellent choice

Despite the concerns, plant-based insect repellents have come a long way, and we have one that delivers the best of both worlds: our Buzz Away DEET free bug spray. It's both free of harmful synthetic chemicals and effective.

This insect repellent contains the active ingredient of citronella essential oil, plus other ingredients such as cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus oils. There's no ingredient that you won't recognize.

Not only does this repellent have a scent you'll enjoy wearing throughout the day, but it actually works, repelling mosquitos and ticks.

With these plant-based formulas that are lab tested for effectiveness and safety, you and your family can enjoy the warm summer months no matter where you are.

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