About Invisible Cold Sore Bandages

Protect, Cover, and Hide While Healing

Using hydrocolloid bandage technology to manage cold sores

What are Invisible Cold Sore Bandages?

Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandages are clear, hydrocolloid bandages made to be placed directly on a cold sore (herpes labialis, HSV1). The cold sore patch is designed to protect the sore from irritants, prevent contact that can spread the herpes infection, and soothe the sore. The clear cold sore bandages are barely visible, and when used with lipstick and makeup can hide the cold sore so that it practically disappears.

Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus 1, which is contagious. Covering the sore with a bandage limits contact and transmission of the virus. Viruses can spread via toothbrushes, utensils or drinking glasses, as well as by kissing or sexual contact. The bandage limits that transmission.

In addition, since the bandage prevents secondary contaminants – bacteria and other irritants – from contacting the sore, it promotes the healing process.

Hydrocolloid Bandages are Better – Here’s Why

Covering a sore with any bandage stops it from hurting, protects it from irritants and contaminants, and hides the cold sore while it is healing. Studies have shown that appropriately dressing a wound speeds recovery time by around 30 percent.

What is Hydrocolloid "Moist Bandage" Technology

Hydrocolloid is made of a combination of gelatin, pectin, and other polymers. Most hydrocolloid bandages are waterproof, but absorb the wound exudate. Exudate is the clear fluid that most wounds (including cold sores) emit. It helps the wound to heal – and hydrocolloid "moist" bandages allow the exudate to perform this role rather than drying the area like a gauze bandage. The moist conditions produced under the dressing are intended to promote wound healing, without softening or breaking down tissue.

Advantages of Hydrocolloid Moist Bandage Technology

  1. It prevents scarring and scabbing. Moist bandages keep the sore supple, limiting the formation of ugly scabs or scars.

  2. It limits pain. Twenty-one studies show that hydrocolloid patches improve patient comfort.

  3. It prevents infection. Thirty-five studies demonstrate that hydrocolloid bandages reduce the risk of secondary infection.

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