Can I Take Immune Support Products While Pregnant?

Can I Take Immune Support Products While Pregnant?

Being sick is not something anyone looks forward to, but this is especially true while being pregnant.

While you are pregnant, your body is hard at work making sure the baby gets everything it needs to continue to grow strong and healthy. This causes a lot of physical strain on your body and getting sick during pregnancy can present a lot of additional challenges that nobody looks forward to.

Immune support supplements may potentially be a good way to make sure your body is strong while pregnant and can help you avoid getting sick, but the question is: is taking these supplements during pregnancy safe?

Pregnancy, Your Body, and Nutrients

Pregnancy presents a lot of changes to your body, including its need of nutrients, both macronutrients, and micronutrients. Macronutrients provide calories and energy throughout the day, while micronutrients are vital to healthy development and overall wellbeing (often referred to as vitamins and minerals).

For example, the recommended intake for protein (a type of macronutrient) during pregnancy is 0.5 grams per pound for pregnant women, compared to 0.38 grams per pound for non-pregnant women.

And when it comes to micronutrients like vitamin C or minerals, the necessary intake during pregnancy can increase even more.

It’s why it’s very common for pregnant women to be given certain types of supplements designed to offer their system the necessary amount of micronutrients their bodies need for both them and their babies to be healthy. It can be difficult to get these micronutrients through your diet alone, so a supplement can be a good way to increase micronutrients during pregnancy for both you and your baby.

So Yes, You Can Take Supplements While Pregnant

Some vitamins are actually recommended to take during pregnancy, and they can also help support a healthy immune system.

Here are some recommended immune support supplements to take during pregnancy:

  • Vitamin C - this is one of the most important micronutrients when it comes to immune support. While it’s best to make sure your diet is rich in this essential vitamin (the body will always be best at extracting everything it needs from foods directly), vitamin C supplements are a good way to offer your body more of this micronutrient.
  • Echinacea - echinacea supplements are very popular and offer a large amount of potential health benefits, including supporting your immune system. This herbal supplement works especially great if you’re experiencing some cold symptoms, as it can help you to get over your symptoms faster.
  • Vitamin D - also known as the "sunshine vitamin," this important micronutrient is mostly produced by the body thanks to direct exposure to sunlight. It’s a lot harder to add it to your diet, which is why many people who avoid sun exposure are likely to have a vitamin D deficiency. So it might be a good idea to opt for a vitamin D supplement, especially if you are avoiding lots of direct exposure to sunlight. Doing so will also help support your immune system.
  • Elderberry Syrup - another supplement that you can take to help support your immune system is elderberry syrup, which has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties (it is also quite tasty). However, it’s not recommended to take elderberry syrup for longer than 5 days in a row, and certain pregnant women might be cautioned to skip this supplement.
Before taking any supplements during pregnancy, including immune support products, always check with your doctor first and be sure to follow their advice very closely.

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