Can You Use DEET-Free Bug Spray While Pregnant?

Can You Use DEET-Free Bug Spray While Pregnant? 

Becoming a parent is one of the most memorable and significant milestones in a person’s life. Expecting a child can make you feel a variety of emotions, with everything from joy, excitement, and anticipation to stress and worry. Much of this stress and worry are for your child’s health and safety. It’s understandable that you’d also want to take every precaution possible to stay healthy and protect yourself from having any problems with your pregnancy. This includes taking steps to prevent getting unwanted bites and diseases from mosquitoes and other pests.

What is DEET?

DEET is a chemical compound that has been proven to stop ticks, mosquitos, fleas, and other pesky insects from biting you. However, DEET is also known to quickly seep into the bloodstream and potentially cause health issues. In addition to this possibility of health issues, DEET is a harsh chemical that has been known to impact the surface of different types of materials and clothing.

Now that you’re aware of what DEET is and how it can impact you, a good alternative is to opt for a DEET-free bug spray while pregnant that’s plant-based, potentially safer and more effective for both you and your unborn child.

Use DEET-Free Bug Spray While Pregnant

Since pregnant women tend to have higher body temperatures than someone who isn’t expecting, they can be a magnet for mosquitos, fleas, and other types of bugs. Additionally, these annoying insects are typically drawn to moisture and high levels of carbon dioxide. Therefore, since pregnant women are known to exhale more than people who aren’t carrying a child, it’s important for them to use a natural bug spray that’s free of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients.

Buzz Away Extreme is the leading plant-based insect repellent from Quantum Health that’ll help to effectively protect you and your family from annoying mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other insects during your pregnancy and after you’ve had your child.

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Because all of Quantum Health’s bug spray repellents are made with organic ingredients like peppermint oil, castor oil, citronella oil, and other essential oils, Buzz Away Extreme will give you the natural protection against unwanted bug bites you need during your pregnancy. And since mosquitos aren’t a fan of the plant-based ingredients found in our Buzz Away Extreme line of products, everyone in the family can say goodbye to being eaten up alive by annoying insects when you want to enjoy the warm weather during a summer evening.

Shop today to purchase DEET-free products from Quantum Health, like our Buzz Away Extreme. For your convenience, our line of plant-based products is available in both towelettes and sprays. If you prefer the spray, you can choose from 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz sizes.

In addition to placing an order through our website, you can also find Quantum Health’s line of Buzz Away Extreme products at Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, and other natural product stores throughout the country.

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