How to Find an Elderberry Supplement for Immune Health

How to Find The Best Elderberry Supplements for Immune Health

Finding the right elderberry product is essential for investing in your immune health. Though maintaining strong immunity during the cooler seasons is especially important, elderberry supplements can keep you feeling your best throughout the year.

Not all supplements are the same though. Some contain added ingredients, such as flavorings and sweeteners, that dilute the potency of the elderberry. Some others contain a type of elderberry that doesn’t provide the optimal benefits that elderberries are known to have. Lastly, there are some supplements that use elderberry not at its peak of freshness or that has been overcooked to where its nutrients are now diminished.

So, to get the results you’re looking for, you must understand why elderberry pills are the preferred choice for strengthening your immune system, especially during seasons when you need it most and how to determine which one will provide you with the best nutrients elderberries can provide.

Elderberry overview

When it comes to maintaining a strong immune system, black elderberries (Sambucus nigra) are the preferred choice. These fruits are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, notably Vitamin C, potassium and phenolic acid, which combats oxidative damage. These nutrients can boost your immune system and support healthy skin.

The strength of elderberries is found in the berries and flowers, which have been ingredients in natural healing for centuries around the world. However, while the berries and flowers are used for medicinal purposes, the bark, leaves and roots are toxic, and raw elderberries are not safe for consumption.

Three primary characteristics to consider

Locating the best elderberry supplement requires identifying a few factors. Many varieties of elderberry products are available but not all of them offer equal effectiveness.

First, make sure that black elderberry is the primary and first ingredient on the ingredient list. Preferably, find a supplement that has black elderberry as the only active ingredient. This indicates that the supplement contains more black elderberry than the other ingredients added. The top ingredient should state black elderberry, Sambucus nigra, elderberry syrup, elderberry juice or elderberry extract.

Second, check for the freshness and condition of the ingredients. A USDA organic elderberry herbal supplement will ensure you have a high-quality product with berries picked at their peak of freshness. Also note how the elderberries were processed and prepared. Most of the time, a company will advertise if it is producing a potent and fresh product.

Third, avoid elderberry supplements in which the berries are overcooked or boiled, since that form of preparation will naturally reduce their potency and effectiveness. Potency can also be affected if elderberries are past their peak freshness. Rather, seek supplements from companies that state the quality of their ingredients.

Important things to remember about supplements

Consider your preferences and needs when choosing an elderberry supplement. You can choose from many forms, such as capsules, teas, lozenges, liquids and gummies. If you struggle with swallowing, you may prefer lozenges or gummies, whereas if you prefer to consume your supplement as a warm drink, tea will suit you. For quick consumption, an elderberry extract or pills will be the way to go. The form of your supplement may also depend on your lifestyle needs and how portable and accessible you want your supplements to be.

Lastly, consider dosage. Some forms of supplements will allow you to consume more or less than others. Depending on your lifestyle and health, check with a physician to determine the right form and dosage for you.

Recommended elderberry products

Locating quality elderberry products can be a challenge, but if you pay attention to the ingredients, you will find options that are authentic and work, such as Quantum Health's Elderberry Liquid Extract. This supplement is made of elderberry extract. One full dropper of 700 mg of Sambucus nigra will quickly absorb into your body.

For a daily elderberry supplement for immune system defense, try Elderberry Standardized Extract pills. The primary ingredient is 400 mg of elderberry fruit with 5% total antioxidant flavonoids. These pills are ideal as a daily supplement in your diet routine.

Other notable elderberry products are Elderberry + Lozenges and Elderberry + Syrup for on-the-go use and when you need the added benefit of soothing your throat.

Where to find quality elderberry products that work

Ultimately, finding the best elderberry supplement comes down to the company that produces it. Look for a company dedicated to working with natural ingredients that promote a healthy life. Quantum Health shares that goal, and for over 39 years, we’ve been producing supplemental products formulated from scientifically studied ingredients like black elderberry.

Our aim is to provide effective products that support your immune system so you’re always feeling your best, especially during seasons when immune threats are high.

We are trusted by many retailers, such as Walgreens and Rite Aid, where our popular products — including our elderberry supplements — are sold nationwide.

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