What is Zeaxanthin and What is its Impact on Our Eyes?

What is Zeaxanthin and What is its Impact on Our Eyes?

In a study published in the National Library of Medicine, 88% of respondents ranked sight as their most important sense. Luckily, by being proactive, you can help support your eyes, with nutrients like zeaxanthin.

Today, we demand more from our eyes than ever before because of the wide variety of tasks we take on each day. Think of all the time you spend facing a screen, everything you have to pay attention to while driving, the various ads and other images on websites you visit and magazines you read, and so on.

What is Zeaxanthin?

What is zeaxanthin? It is one of only two carotenoids that is found in the human eye (the other being lutein), and it may play a role in helping to protect the eyes from the effects of oxidation and light. This carotenoid helps filter blue light and supports your visual performance.

Once ingested, zeaxanthin makes its way to the eyes and into the lens, macula, and fovea. As the most sensitive part of the retina, the macula is responsible for our ability to perceive colors. Zeaxanthin and its partner lutein are unique in that they are the only dietary carotenoids found in the retina. This is important because they may provide a significant shield for your eyes.

Zeaxanthin and lutein are collectively known as the macular pigments. Researchers believe that these macular pigments filter blue light. More research is called for, but signs point to zeaxanthin and lutein as likely ranking quite highly in helping support and maintain eye health.

Zeaxanthin and Lutein as Macular Pigments and their Effects

Studies show that by filtering blue light, the macular pigments can potentially help improve:

  • Visual acuity (sharpness or definition)
  • Ability to see differences in shading
  • Discomfort from intense light
  • Less recovery time when going from bright light to normal light
  • Macular function

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