What is Lysine Good For

What is Lysine?

Lysine is one of the seven essential amino acids, a vital building block that is needed for our bodies to build proteins. Lysine plays a critical role in supporting our immune system and promoting the production of enzymes and hormones. Diabetics, athletes, and people with health conditions like herpes simplex virus can benefit from consuming extra amounts of Lysine. Our bodies cannot produce Lysine, so it is essential to include foods rich in lysine in our diets or use lysine supplements and lysine ointment.

How Lysine Works.

A weakened immune system inflames or cause outbreaks of several diseases and health conditions such as cold sores. Consuming lysine-rich foods, applying lysine ointment or taking a lysine supplement strengthens the immune system.

What is Lysine used for?

Lysine supports the immune system and is a critical component of collagen, along with glycine, proline, and other amino acids. Collagen combats lines and wrinkles, helps to clear acne, fights hair loss, and improves bone health. Lysine is used to support the body’s ability to absorb calcium, building stronger bones and preventing osteoporosis. Lysine is used by some people to help regulate blood sugar levels and increases insulin secretion. Lysine can be obtained through diet, by taking a lysine supplement or by applying to the skin.

What Foods are High in Lysine?

High lysine foods include:

● Lamb

● Lean beef

● Cheese

● Turkey

● Shrimp

● Fish

● Shell Fish

● Nuts

● Chicken

● Pork

● Soy

● Seeds

● Eggs

● Beans

● Lentils

How Much Lysine Do We Need?

The average healthy adult should aim for between 500 and 3,000mg a day. Lysine is naturally present in certain foods, including red meats, fish, milk, eggs, and some beans. Many vegetarians and low-fat dieters benefit from taking a lysine supplement. Lysine supplements should be taken on an empty stomach.

The Possible benefits of Lysine:

Cold Sores

Research supports that lysine can reduce the healing time of cold sores when applied as a lysine ointment. Many people who suffer from cold sores also choose to take lysine supplements as well.

Blood Sugar Regulation 

Evidence shows that eating foods rich in lysine or taking lysine supplements decreases blood sugar levels and increases insulin secretion in people who do not have a healthy blood sugar balance.


Lysine can reduce stress in females and anxiety in males by supporting hormone growth and restoring the health and functionality of your adrenal glands.

Athletic Performance

Lysine helps with the synthesis of muscle. Lysine supplements are taken by athletes to enhance performance and recover from workouts.

Increases Collagen Production 

Lysine helps in the formation and prevents the breakdown of Collagen. Collagen builds connective tissues, cartilage, and bones. When you lack lysine, the creation of collagen is slowed down; this can lead to weak and fragile bones.

Bone Health

Lysine plays an essential role in bone health by helping the body to absorb calcium reducing the amount of calcium that is lost. Calcium absorption is vital to bone health and to prevent bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

Lysine Deficiency

A deficiency of lysine can lead to:

● Appetite loss

● Agitation

● Nausea

● Bloodshot eye

● Fatigue

● Anemia

● Reduced Athletic Performance

● Reproductive Disorders

● Slow Growth

● Fragile Bones

Side Effects and Precautions for Lysine

Taking calcium along with lysine can increase the amount of calcium in the body.

Avoid taking large amounts of lysine and calcium together.

Lysinuric protein: Lysine might cause diarrhea and stomach cramps in children who are intolerant to lysinuric protein.

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy: Play it safe and avoid Lysine supplements. There is not enough information about the safety of taking lysine if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Kidney disease: Talk with your doctor before taking lysine supplements if you have kidney disease.

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