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  • Foods That May Help Support The Immune System

    Your immune system is comprised of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. It helps your body to fight off...

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  • Organic Marshmallow Root Benefits

    Marshmallow root is a flowering herb also known as Althaea officinalis. The roots, leaves, and flowers have traditionally been used medicinally in many countries worldwide. It is thought that it may have...

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  • Dentist Dr. Christopher Kammer: Are Cold Sores Contagious?

    Question: Are Cold Sores Contagious? Dr. Chris Kammer answers this question as part of theQuantum Health Oral Care VideoSeries. Answer: Yes, they are contagious and can be spread very easily. To protect yourself and others, it’s important to learn how the herpes simplex virus 1 that causes cold sores can...

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  • How Does Blue Light Affect You (and how to Minimize Impact)?

    We seem to be constantly attached to the digital world. Between video calls, TV, remote work on our laptops, eBooks, and social media, spending a screen-free moment is rare these days. This extended use of electronic devices exposes us to blue light and the effects associated with it.

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  • How to Support Your Immune System

    Your immune system is made up of a very big and complex network of cells and proteins all around your body, and its role is to protect you from bacteria, viruses, and other threats. And for most people, the immune system does an amazing job at keeping them healthy.

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  • Eye Exercises to Improve Vision: Do They Really Work?

    Eye exercises make a radical promise—to improve your vision naturally without surgery. If you experience certain eye conditions, eye exercises claim to cure them miraculously. But do they work? Is doing simple eye movements every day going to rid you of glasses or corrective lenses for good?

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  • What Exactly Is Lysine and What Is It Good For?

    Lysine (also known as L-Lysine) is an amino acid or building block of protein essential for growth and tissue repair. Contrary to other amino acids, our body cannot produce lysine, so we need to get it through other things like the nutrients in our diet and other supplements.

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  • Tips and Tricks for Healthy Eyes

    Given the chaos that fills our days, we often forget to take care of the most precious things in life. Our eyesight is a bridge to the world around us—it connects us to our loved ones, allows us to work and enjoy our environment. Yet sometimes we neglect it. Getting...

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  • DEET vs. DEET-Free Insect Repellent - Plant-Based Bug Repellent

    Exploring nature is a nourishing experience. The smell of pine trees, the chirping sound of birds, and the stunning views make it all worth it. Yet sometimes, unwanted insects can spoil our dreamy adventures. That’s why bringing insect repellent can help us enjoy our outdoor activities.

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  • Protect Your Cold Sore

    Don't Infect - Protect Your Cold Sore with the Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage Cold sores are ugly, embarrassing and painful. According to the Mayo Clinic, cold sores spread from person to person by close personal contact, such as kissing. Cold sores are caused by a herpes simplex virus...

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